CXC CAPE Registration

The period for payment of Examination fees and Registration for the May/June 2016 CAPE Examination is Thursday, 1 October to Friday, 30 October 2015.

Registration will be done electronically, by educational institutions, using the Online Registration System (ORS) and by the Educational Testing and Management Unit of the Ministry of Education for All Private candidates.

Students should ensure the following, during the registration process:

  1. Each candidate should write his/her full name, address, telephone numbers, date of birth, gender and subjects at the back of the RECEIPT.
  2. Students who are reusing their 2015 IA scores must be entered as Re-sit or Repeating and must produce previous registration number.

The following are the fees for the May/June 2016 sitting of CXC, CARIBBEAN ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION (CAPE):

Candidate Entry Fee $49.00
Subject Unit Fee $71.00
Local Fee $25.00
1 CXC (CAPE) Subject Costs $145.00
2 CXC (CAPE) Subjects Cost $216.00
3 CXC (CAPE) Subjects Cost $287.00
4 CXC (CAPE) Subjects Cost $358.00
5 CXC (CAPE) Subjects Cost $429.00
6 CXC (CAPE) Subjects Cost $500.00
7 CXC (CAPE) Subjects Cost $571.00
8 CXC (CAPE) Subjects Cost $642.00


Fees can be paid at the Treasury or at any District Revenue Office. Private Candidates must submit their receipts to the Examinations Unit, Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, to complete Registration, along with their birth certificate, or a passport.

Candidates are advised to register early and avoid the last-minute rush.


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