Gas Prices for September 2015

The General public is hereby informed that, effective Friday, 18 September 2015, the retail prices of petroleum products (Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene and LPG {Cooking Gas}) in the State of Grenada will be as follows:

Products Old Price New Prices
Gasoline $13.65/IG $13.65/IG
Diesel $11.50/IG  $12.35/IG
Kerosene $7.55/IG $7.25/IG
LPG (Cooking Gas)
20 lb Cylinder $42.00 $42.00
100 lb Cylinder $191.05 $191.05
Bulk  $2.00/lb $2.00/lb
Gasoline $13.85/IG $13.85/IG
Diesel $11.70/IG $12.55/IG
Kerosene $7.70/IG  $7.45/IG
LPG (Cooking Gas)
20 lb Cylinder $51.00 $51.00
100 lb Cylinder $214.05 $209.90
Bulk $2.00/lb $1.95/lb
Gasoline $9.85/IG  $8.85/IG
Diesel $7.70/IG $7.55/IG
Kerosene $7.70/IG $7.45/IG


The new Retail Prices are computed based on the average FOB costs: that is; (Ex-refinery prices), for the period 14 August 2015 to 10 September 2015.

It’s important for the public to understand that petroleum prices are likely to remain high since Grenada imports nearly all of its fuel. Consumers are, therefore, urged to act wisely by conserving and using energy efficiently.

Furthermore, consumers are encouraged to immediately notify the Price Control/Consumer Affairs Unit in the Ministry of Finance of any instance of overpricing at telephone number 440-1369.

Energy Division
Ministry of Finance and Energy

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