Grenadian Diaspora Dominica Relief Drive

The Grenadian Community in New York has set up an official response to help our brothers and sisters of Dominica, as they recover from the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Erika. We in the Grenadian diaspora community, understand the toll disasters can have on our islands, as we have also lived through hurricane Ivan in 2004. The Dominican community in New York was very forthcoming in our time of need, and it is now our turn to give back.

The community response in New York will include a donation drive, and a benefit concert to be held on 4 October 2015 at Wingate Park in Brooklyn. The Grenadian diaspora Dominican relief committee is urging all Grenadian and Caribbean nationals to donate clothing items, water and water purifiers, sheets and blankets, non-perishable food, baby necessities, towels and wash cloths, air mattresses, and pillows, toiletries, flashlights, and candles.

Drop off points have been established at ten locations across Brooklyn, and we’re urging all Caribbean nationals to donate generously. The locations are as follows:

  • Chef Gibbs Catering and Restaurant (1199 Nostrand Avenue, between Hawthore and Fenimore Ave.)
  • Bernie’s Party Land (1320 Flatbush Avenue, between Foster Ave & E. 26 St)
  • Vital Blends (253 Schenectady Ave., between Lincoln & St Johns Pl)
  • West Cuisine Restaurant (916 Clarkson Ave., between E. 53rd & 54th St)
  • Cicely Mason’s Restaurant (959 E. 101st St, between Flatlands and Ave. J)
  • Parties R Us (411 E. 49th St, between Linden Blvd & Church Ave.)
  • La Baye Market (Cnr. of Nostrand Ave & Maple St)
  • S&S Hardware (Flatlands & 60th St)
  • Hermie’s Beauty Salon (3251 Church Avenue, between E 35th St & Blkyn Ave.)
  • Liberty Tax Services (204 Parkside Ave., between Ocean and Flatbush Ave.)

The barrels at these locations will be picked up at the end of September, and the committee will be looking for volunteers to help pack these items, and this will be done during the week of 5 October 2015. The items will then be included in a larger container, which will be shipped to Dominica with help from the Grenada Government Offices in New York.

Questions, concerns and comments can be directed to Committee Chairperson, Michael Vincent, or Public Relations representatives, Kellon Bubb and Gerry Hopkin at (347)-623-9381, or The Grenada Government Offices in New York at (212) 599- 0301. We look forward to all your help and support in our bid to help Dominica build back better.

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