‘National Street Fighter Championships’ a Success

On Saturday 29 August, the Grenadian Gamers Association successfully held its second major video game tournament at Spiceland Mall International.

The National Street Fighter Championships saw 13 competitors vie for the title of Grenada’s Best Street Fighter Player. In Street Fighter — the long running videogame series — players control virtual hand-to-hand combatants in 1-on-1 battles. While the concept is simple, mastering the game takes true dedication and skill.

The event, sponsored by local businesses Spiceland Mall, Kool System, and Real Value IGA Supermarket, drew a sizable crowd. In the Grand Final, last year’s winner — Alec Alexander – was defeated by Danny Williams. Williams, who did not participate last year, was widely expected to live up to his reputation as the best Street Fighter player in Grenada and emerge as the Champion.

The results were as follows:

  • Winner – Danny Williams – $500 prize courtesy Kool System
  • 2nd Place – Alec Alexander – $350 prize courtesy Grenadian Gamers Association
  • 3rd Place – Daniel Bissessar – $150 prize courtesy Real Value IGA Supermarket

The Grenadian Gamers Association is an organisation of like-minded individuals, who aim to raise the profile of eSports and competitive gaming in Grenada. We would like to thank everyone who helped make the tournament a success.

Grenada Gamers Association

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