“The Family Legacy”

“The Family Legacy” is an emotional three-part drama which explores the impact that the birth of a child with sickle cell disease has on four generations of the same family. As they struggle with the decisions and overcome their misconceptions and superstitions, they come to understand what the baby will mean for each of them.

The story is drawn from the real-life experiences of people living with sickle cell disease and their carers.

In Part One…

New parents Simi and Femi, discover that baby Ayo is diagnosed with sickle cell disease. In denial, Femi refuses to acknowledge that he is the father of the baby and accuses Simi of having an affair.

For the other parts of this drama, please visit out Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/haemscreening

For more information on sickle cell disease, please visit: http://sct.screening.nhs.uk/cms.php?f…

For further information contact Sickle Cell Association of Grenada (SCAG) at (473) 458-6399 or grenadasc@gmail.com.

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