World Tourism Day 2015

Message from Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Hon. Yolande Bain–Horsford

On Sunday, 27 September, we observe World Tourism Day, a global recognition of the importance of tourism to the societies of the world.

Tourism is the leading sector in our tri-island state of Grenada, directly and indirectly contributing 20% to our gross domestic product every year. The products and services offered on island for short-term and long-term visitors bring in much-needed revenue to drive our economy.

5,000 persons in our country are directly and indirectly employed as a result of the tourism sector.

This year’s theme is 1 billion tourists, 1 billion opportunities, signifying the number of persons who travel to international destinations every year. While we receive a small percentage of this amount per annum, we see the socio-economic potential of the sector. We continuously target our niche visitors, as we are not a mass tourism destination. We wish to always have a peaceful, safe, geotourism destination that our citizens and visitors can enjoy.

Tourism is dynamic, and might I add, rewarding for those of us who are stakeholders in the sector. It allows for socio-economic development, encourages environmental preservation, and facilitates cultural exchange. While we package our unique culture and natural environment for the enjoyment of our guests, we also allow a local consciousness of international cultures.

As we celebrate World Tourism Day, we recognise the opportunities that tourism places to create jobs, develop skills, and sustainably develop Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique.

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