Caribbean Development Bank Mission

Caribbean Development Bank

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development is hosting a Caribbean Development Bank mission, during the period 5 to 9 October 2015.

The main objective of the mission is to prepare a project for the education sector, which is scheduled to be submitted to the CDB Board, in December 2015.

The Project Appraisal Team is comprised of the following persons:

  1. Dr Idamay Denny – Project Coordinator
  2. Mr Paul Murphy – Education Specialist
  3. Mr Dwayne Squires – Engineer
  4. Mr Cavon White – Financial Analyst
  5. Mr Elbert Ellis – Social Analyst
  6. Mr Hopeton Peterson – Environmental Specialist

The proposed project is expected to focus on infrastructure and institutional strengthening, within the education sector.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development will therefore brief the team on the priority schools to be considered for infrastructural development.


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