Distractionist Agenda of the NNP

The National Democratic Congress views with much alarm — some statements appearing in certain sections of the media that seek to discredit Party Health Spokesperson Jennifer Simon, in light of her recent explosive revelations concerning the state of public healthcare in Grenada.

Of particular concern to the party, are reports that suggest that Ms Simon used less than honourable methods to obtain her information, and that somehow, in her information gathering, she may have “implicated” or “could implicate public servants.”

The NDC roundly condemns these reports as falsehoods that fall in line with the NNP art of seeking to attack the messenger, to distract from the message. We also recognize that these reports seek to damage the good relationship we enjoy with the public servants, especially in the health sector. The party sees through these tactics and redirects the public’s attention to the facts as we have presented them:

  1. That the healthcare system is the worse it has ever been, under a government that marched for better healthcare when in opposition.
  2. That ALL the healthcare providers in the public service are heavily overworked, grossly underpaid and subjected to all manner of undesirable working conditions in their attempt to execute their mandate of caring for the health of the nation.
  3. That the health facilities in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique need a swift and complete audit with a view to repairing, rebuilding and bettering them in the immediate short term.
  4. That this NNP Administration has moved from one bad decision to the next in their management of the health crises confronting our tri-island state, in the appointment of Ministers to the portfolio of Health. The party wonders at the next move.
  5. That it is obvious that the government is shocked that its ability to continue to threaten public servants into submission and silence is failing miserably, as the stark realities of economic and social degradation continue to hit home.

The NDC therefore urges the administration of Dr Keith Mitchell to stop playing politics with the health of the Grenadian people, to stop engaging in distractionist agendas, and to quickly implement the following:

  1. Adjust its spending priorities so as to make better provisioning for the health of the Grenadian people;
  2. Increase the number of doctors at the country’s hospitals;
  3. Reduce the number of working hours of the junior doctors to acceptable standards so a to reduce the risk of medical error;
  4. Increase the number of nurses serving the wards to internationally accepted standards;
  5. Provide the health care workers with the basic medical supplies and medicines require to perform their duties;
  6. Repair or replace the non-functioning machines required to administer treatment and perform surgical operations at the hospitals;
  7. Put an immediate end to the attrition policy whereby government will replace only 3 nurses for every 10 nurses that retire or leave the service.

The National Democratic Congress also uses this opportunity to congratulate the healthcare workers all across the country, who are concerned enough about their health and the health of all Grenadians, to not let the fear mongering of those in office prevent them from standing up for their rights. The NDC stands with you as a resolute partner in your cause.

The Party also commends Ms Jennifer Simon on her sterling and tireless work in shedding light on the ills that plague the Health sector, and for her determination that this work will in turn bring some much-needed relief to our weary health care workers across the country.

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