“Force Ripe” by Cindy McKenzie

Cindy McKenzie
Cindy McKenzie

Grenadian Author Cindy McKenzie has published her first novel after working on it for several years. The book is entitled “Force Ripe” and is written from the perspective of, and in the voice of Lee, the main character.

Lee takes the reader on her journey from her first memories of life in a Rastafarian commune, through foster care and her subsequent reunion with her mother when she is a teenager. Lee draws from images, characters, stories told and historical events, to weave a beautiful portrayal of a little girl’s survival and an important part of her island’s history.

The book makes liberal use of Grenadian creole dialect and local idioms, adding to the authenticity of the characters. Themes of immigration (barrel children), the extended family structure, Rastafarianism, The Grenada Revolution, amongst others, hold special appeal for a wide audience, especially readers with an appetite and longing for more Caribbean literary works.

“I have been on a long, lonely journey of learning and healing. I have matured along the way and so has Force Ripe. I feel proud of this achievement and ready for where it will take me — the next journey.”

Cindy McKenzie was born in the northern parish, St Patrick, Grenada. Her first years of education started at Miss Redhead’s pre-school, continued at the St Patrick Roman Catholic School and later the St Joseph’s Convent, St George’s. She is the mother of three. She has lived in the UK briefly and currently resides in Confer, St George, with her husband and daughter.

Force Ripe is available for purchase on Amazon. For more information, please visit Cindy McKenzie Author on Facebook.

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