Improvement in Hospital Conditions

Minister Nickolas Steele

Health Minister the Hon. Nickolas Steele says the government is working diligently to revive the health system.

Speaking at the Constituency Forum in Northeast St George on 8 October, Steele said, the government inherited a system that was completely shut down and in need of urgent attention.

However, he indicated that bills are now being paid, medications are once again available, and the General Hospital is being enhanced.

Minister Steele dismissed recent claims by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party, of deplorable conditions at the General Hospital as offensive, especially to the workers.

He said, doctors and nurses were forced to endure terrible conditions between 2008 and 2013, and indicated that he is considering releasing “the ugly and depressing” picture that existed.

“I will release to the press some of the internal communications and memos between the hospital workers — senior officials begging the minister then, begging the then government, to give the necessary attention” he threatened.


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