New Cuban Gynecologist Arrives

General Hospital, St George’s, Grenada

Since the sudden recall of Cuban Gynecologist Dr Moises Lopez by his Government, the Grenada Ministry of Health has secured his replacement.

A highly trained female Cuban Gynecologist, Dr Maria Julia Guerra Rosales, arrived in Grenada on Saturday evening from Havana, to take up duties here at the General Hospital.

The news of the arrival of Dr Rosales was delivered on Saturday by resident Cuban Ambassador to Grenada Mrs María Caridad Balaguer Labrada, to health officials during a high-profile meeting on Saturday to discuss plans for the reintroduction of the Miracle Eye Mission program between Grenada, Cuba and Venezuela.

When her Cuban counterpart left late last month the Ministry had managed to put an effective rescheduling and follow-up appointments system in place.

On Monday morning, Dr Rosales was formally greeted by the Ministry of Health and was formally introduced to the staff at both the Ministry and the General Hospital.

Following her formal introduction, the Cuban medical specialist began seeing out-patients at the General Hospital.

The Ministry wishes to express its heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Government and People of Cuba, our resident Cuban Ambassador and her staff, our medical staff, out-patients and the general public for its understanding, cooperation and support during that recent period.

Source: GIS

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