Paperless Immunization Registry to be Introduced

The Grenadian Health Ministry will soon pilot its paperless immunization system at all government managed health facilities.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has conducted an on-the-ground assessment, pivotal to the customization of the electronic immunization system. That process was undertaken by two Albanians along with officials from Pan American Health Organization and the Ministry of Health.

Alyson Clouden, the country’s manager of the Expanded Program on Immunization, explained that the new system will help local healthcare personnel to better manage and execute ongoing programs and deliver a cost-effective and efficient service to clients.

She added that the system will also help in the effective management of vaccines, giving the Ministry a better forecasting advantage to prevent or minimize the chances of vaccines being out of stock.

However while that is so, the software developers and technical team say there are many cost-saving benefits to be derived from use of the system.

Earlier this year officials from the MOH including Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Health Information personnel participated in more than three overseas training and observation exercises.

Meanwhile the MOH is in the process of finalizing its plans for the training of healthcare providers from the public and private sectors.

With all things in place the MOH is expected to commence training in November of this year, explained Hayden Hopkin, who is expected to lead the training for the Ministry’s team. Hopkin told the Government Information Service that he hopes to undertake trainer of trainer’s workshop, while the system is being tested in-house.


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