SRA Programme 2015–2016

The 2015–16 Students with the Right Attitude (SRA) programme has a positive outlook, and is promising to be a very exciting learning experience for students — mainly in secondary schools, according to Public Relations Officer for the Programme, Ms Delia Noel.

This year the Ministry of Education continues to support the program and has assigned Mr Robert Phillip to work along with the programme coordinators. Additionally, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) at St George’s University (SGU) will provide tutorial support in a partnership undertaking.

The coordinators for the programme have introduced a ‘SRA Back to School Initiative’ to assist students with needed school items. Students are asked to visit the office on St John’s Street, St George’s (inside Grensave building), to discuss how they can benefit from that initiative. This is considered to be an opportunity for students from different schools, they can get to know each other in an environment of sharing and supporting each other.

Parents are encouraged to ensure that their child or children are registered as a SRA in his or her school. The programme caters for parental involvement through meetings and discussions. Parent Teachers Associations in the schools, should encourage parent’s participation and support for the programme. Application forms can be requested at the School’s office or at the SRA office at St John’s Street, St George’s.

Ms Noel, a school teacher, is appealing to students within forms one to three to use this opportunity to develop positive attitudes, build character, and promote fairness and justice within the school environment and the society as a whole.

The other activities include a ‘Helping Hands’ event, where students are given the opportunity to assist elders within society. Last year, the event was held at the Bus Terminal area and Andall Supermarket, St George’s. Scores of students are expected to gather for this learning experience with the senior citizens at the same venue. This activity is done in conjunction with and the support of the Grenada National Council of Aging (GNCA).

One of the big days on the SRA calendar is the observance of ‘International Day for Tolerance’, which is held annually on 16 November. Schools will be encouraged to participate in the Tolerance Day exhibition. The theme for this year’s observance is “Think Tolerance First”. Participating schools and students will win trophies and awards for outstanding presentations and productions.

The ‘World Aids Day’ activity on 1 December, will focus on a one-day workshop, where students will discuss ‘The impact of Stigma and Discrimination within society’: (The School, the Home, the Workplace, the Community and the Church). International Human Rights Day celebrations, will be a joint activity between Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) at SGU and the Grenada Human Rights Organisation Inc (GHRO Inc). The event will be a regional symposium to be held on 12 December at SGU.

The term will end with a SRA Social & Health Fair, where all SRAs and other students will gather for a socialization experience…  Other activities in the new-year will include the observance of Courtesy Week, January, SRA Assembly and SRA Service Day in May 2016.

Meantime, the SRA Senior Coordinator, Mrs Roslyn Otway, has expressed appreciation to all members of corporate community, who contributed financially and otherwise during the last SRA school year. Expression of appreciation has also been extended to the local office of UNESCO in the Ministry of Education.

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