Tourism Jingle Competition

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) invites you to take part in a jingle contest as part of its Domestic Marketing Programme. Qualifying jingles must be unique, ingenious and memorable and create awareness about the value of tourism. The lyrical content of the jingle must highlight the beauty of our tri-island destination and the hospitable nature of our people. The winning jingle will be primarily used for the GTA’s domestic marketing and destination promotions.

Deadline for submission of jingle(s) and corresponding documents: 30 October 2015
Winner receives a CASH PRIZE!!!

Participation Requirements:

  1. There is no limit on the number of jingles entrants may submit. However, only one prize will be awarded for the winning jingle.
  2. The entrant must be a citizen or resident of Grenada.
  3. Contest is open to all ages.
  4. If a group or organisation submits a jingle or jingles, the group or organisation must designate a group or organisational representative to be responsible for coordinating communications.

Jingle Specifications:

1. All jingles must use at least one of the following phrases AND one of the following buzz words:

“Pure Grenada — the Spice of the Caribbean”
“Pure Grenada”
“The Spice of the Caribbean”
“Beautiful Grenada”
“Respect the Nutmeg”
“The Spice Experience”

Buzz Words:
“This is the Life”

2. All submissions must be the original work of the person, group, or organisation.

3. All jingles must be between 30 to 60 seconds long. Entries exceeding the time limit will be disqualified.

4. Entrants may use any artistic medium to create their original song. Utilising traditional rhythms and or modern beats is acceptable. The accompanying music (electronic beat or live) if any, should not include more than 3 instruments.

5. All entries must contain lyrics in English and must accompany a script of the jingle’s lyrics.

6. All entries must be no more than 100MB in size and submitted in one of the following formats: .AVI, .MPG, .WMV or .WAV. Phone recordings sent via email are acceptable.

7. Please email all entries to titled “Jingle Contest” with the following details:

  • Title of Jingle
  • Duration of Jingle
  • Name of person/group/organisation (indicate the name of the point person in the case of groups and organisations)
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone number

Jingle will be judged on, but not limited to the following criteria:

  1. Message clarity and relevance
  2. Originality
  3. Delivery and Overall impact
  4. Creativity
  5. Patriotism & pride
  6. Use of rules and guidelines

Lyrics must not:

  1. Contain material that is (or promotes activities which are) sexually explicit, obscene, pornographic, violent, self-mutilating (e.g., relating to murder, the sales of weapons, cruelty, abuse, etc.), discriminatory (based on race, sex, religion, natural origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age or any other factor prohibited by law), illegal, offensive, threatening, profane, or harassing.
  2. Include mention or performance of copyrighted media production including, but not limited to, music, films, books, television programming or identifying descriptions of any media property.
  3. Contain any material that is propriety to a third party or otherwise protected by intellectual property laws.

Material use and ownership:

All submitted lyrics will become the property of the Domestic Marketing Program and the GTA and may be used for promotions or presentations, at the sole discretion of the program.

The GTA reserves the right not to award a prize if the judging panel finds no jingle deserving. The judges at their sole discretion can disqualify suspect entries and/or terminate this contest at any time.


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