Roadside Rubbish Pile

This pile of rubbish has been lying in front of the Woodlands SDA church for some weeks now. It was the subject of a phone call to the GBN breakfast programme on Tuesday, 3 November. The caller thought that it ought to be removed. 


The caller was of course, quite right. It is a disgusting eyesore, and in this rainy weather, an open invitation to mosquitoes to move in, breed, and start spreading whatever they have in store for us this year, be it dengue, chikungunya or zika. It is an attack on the health of all of us.

But more to the point, it should not be there at all. Someone dumped it. Or, at best, someone swept up into a pile what the de-bushers had picked up from the roadside. Either way, it should not be there at all. It is not Solid Waste’s job to shift it: it is our job not to drop/dump it. The sooner the new Litter Act is enforced, the better.

Somebody has probably witnessed this act of dumping. Remember that all it takes for bad to prevail, is for good people to stay silent. The Grenada Green Group appeals to everyone — yes, you — to take a stand against the literal trashing of our country.

Grenada Green Group (G3)
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