Firearm License and Renewal

Licensed firearm holders are reminded that their annual license fee for the period January–December 2016, is due and payable on or before the end of December 2015. The current fee for license holders is EC$500, and EC$50 for users.

Persons are encouraged to make early payment and present receipt as proof to the firearm licensing authority at Police Headquarters, Fort George, St George’s.

Licensed firearm holders are also reminded that their licenses must be renewed every five years. Those whose licenses are within 6 months or less of the expiration date, are encouraged to engage the process early to avoid any inconveniences.

Firearm holders who will be vacationing outside of the State are reminded that firearms should be lodged at the nearest police station or police headquarters for safekeeping.

Persons are also encouraged to refrain from leaving their firearm in vehicles as well as exposing same in public. Firearms must be properly secured at all times.

Source: Office of Commissioner of Police

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