Microsoft Scam Warning

Police are warning the general public of a telephone scam in which fraudsters are claiming to represent Microsoft. The callers advise persons that their computers have sent out a “fault” message to Microsoft and needs to be repaired. Persons are advised to ignore such calls and hang up immediately.

Microsoft Safety and Security Centre advises that neither Microsoft nor its partners make unsolicited phone calls. The sole intent of these fraudsters, says Microsoft, is to gain remote access to persons’ computers where malicious software can be installed and personal information stolen.

Persons are advised that they should never allow remote access to their computers; give out personal information, particularly banking data — nor click on unknown links or files. Software installation should never be permitted. Anyone who has been a victim is asked to report same to the police.

Source: Office of Commissioner of Police

Community Relations Department
Tel. 1 (473) 440-3764, 440-3999 Ext. 114/140

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