Use of Firecrackers/Scratch Bombs is Illegal

The Royal Grenada Police Force is appealing to persons engaged in the shooting-off of firecrackers/scratch bombs to discontinue doing so. 

Persons who throw or cast these devices are being warned that there are legal consequences in doing so.

Section 435, Chapter 72A of the Criminal Code of the 2010 Continuous Revised Laws of Grenada, makes it an offence for anyone without lawful authority (the proof of which shall lie with him or her) to interfere with the public rights of others.

Moreover, persons are also reminded of the devastating effects this can have on the health of others. Many persons, including school children engage themselves in this practice, particularly in and around St George’s; some even look for crowded areas such as the Bus Terminus.

The loud sounds of these scratch bombs/firecrackers can cause temporary deafness, elevate blood pressure, increase anxiety, and even damage to property, just to mention a few.

Source: Office of Commissioner of Police

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