Buy Local Campaign Starts on 11 January

by Linda Straker

11 January 2016 is the date set by the Ministry of Trade to commence a campaign that will focus on locally manufactured products, so that local consumers will have better knowledge of the products that are produced by Grenadian manufacturers.

The “Buy Made in Grenada” initiative is schedule to conclude on 27 March, but the week of 1 to 7 February 2016 will be declared “Buy Local” week. A meeting is scheduled to be held with manufacturers on 7 January at the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation, where the campaign and activities that will be held during the period will be explained in more detail to the local manufacturers.

Trade Minister Oliver Joseph, during the media launch of the initiative said that lots of products are produced in Grenada, but consumers seem not to appreciate that these products are better than some of the imported stuff.

At the launch, he called on Grenadians to have an appreciation for locally manufactured products, because it’s by supporting these local entrepreneurs that the country will truly be able to cut back on its import bill, and allow for the circulation of more money among local manufacturers.

“Our first market is our local market, and when we have successfully penetrated our local market, we know we are ready for the export market. We must get acceptance for our products,” said Joseph.

The highlight of “Buy Local week,” will be a grand exhibition and trade market, which will be held at the National Stadium on 7 February. It will be integral to Independence day celebrations, following the military parade and rally. Products that are manufactured in Grenada will be showcased, both for viewing and trading.

This will be the 3rd Buy Local campaign — according to Shanta Cox, the last 2 events were very fruitful, as it provided opportunities for the local manufacturers to put their products on display, exposing them to wider markets.

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