Jessica Colker was Raped

by Linda Straker

Acting Commissioner of Police Winston James told the media during a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon that though the post-mortem confirmed that the cause of death of Jessica Colker was “extensive skull fracture and asphyxia,” there is evidence that she was also raped.

“From the evidence provided, we believe that she was sexual assaulted — that she was raped,” he said. There was no injury to the husband.

Questioned if there was a motive disclosed by the accused, Commissioner James said that there is no clear evidence as to why Dave Benjamin chose to attack the couple, but there were persons who saw him on the beach earlier “begging persons on the beach for money. That is why he became our chief suspect,” he explained.

Without confirming that it’s a case of kidnapping and abduction, the Commissioner said that the accused “took the couple away,” but the husband was able to get away. He was further tight-lipped as to whether the accused had demanded money from the couple.

It was further explained that the accused did not confess to committing the crime, but the charges are based on reliable evidence gathered through investigation.

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