No Decision on Camerhogne Park

Camerhogne Park, Grand Anse

The Grenada Government says it has made no decision on upgrading or changing the location of Camerhogne Park.

Prime Minister Dr Rt Hon. Keith Mitchell made the announcement on Monday in the wake of public debate on the issue fuelled largely by opposition forces.

Dr Mitchell said, “I don’t understand, I’m at [a] loss to find out what all the hoopla about Camerhogne Park is about. I say this in the context that the Government has made no decision with respect to Camerhogne Park.”

Prime Minister Mitchell said he communicated this to Social Partners during a meeting 2 months ago.

Labour Senator, Rae Roberts, who attends the monthly meetings with the government as part of the social partnership forum, has been inciting public opposition on his claims that government plans to relocate the park. MTV news, a department Roberts once headed, has reported that he is in the process of starting a petition campaign against government’s move, targeting Hollywood community.

“We realize in order to get help, you have to use the European Union, the Germans, the Australians, the New Zealanders, the British,” Sen. Roberts said during the interview with MTV news. “They are very conscious about the environment particularly the destruction of beaches. So we are going to write them, ask them to write Mr Sawiris”.

However, Prime Minister Mitchell has re-emphasized that consultation would take place, and any decision would be in the interest of Grenada.

“I said to them, just what I have said to you. And I said to them further, you should know, politically that I am not foolish, and I’m not a person who would give my opponent political weapon to knock me,” the Prime Minister said in reference to his meeting with the Social Partners. “So any decision that I make would have to be in the context of what is satisfactory and accepted by the people, so rest assured that the Social Partners would be involved, the country would be involved, and the Government of the day would be involved, after receiving the proposal from the Developers.”


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