One Love from Cultural Ambassador

My name is Hollice Mapp a.k.a Mr Killa — international artiste and Cultural Ambassador from the beautiful Isle of Spice – Pure Grenada.

Recently on my island, there were two sad and unfortunate incidents, which were shocking to everyone who heard or read about it and heartbreaking to the families involved — our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Both locals as well as the international community were stunned, since Grenada is not known for random acts of violence, and is extremely safe for visitors.

As a young Grenadian, I am compelled to speak of these incidents because I feel they are tarnishing the image of my island, and it is not deserved. Of every fruit bearing tree, don’t matter how sweet the fruit may be, among them, there may or will be a bad one. Now does that mean we should cut down the tree or condemn it? No. But by any means necessary and to the full extent of the law, we should prosecute those that are responsible for these senseless and unnatural crimes.

As Grenadians, our hospitality is renowned, and safety is paramount among others. My fans, my friends, my family, non-Grenadians and prospective visitors — everyone out there — I welcome you to my island, the isle of spice where tranquility, love, welcoming hearts and minds, still vibrates and resonates deeply in the core of my people.

I was born and bred and raised in a poor family that instilled sound moral values, that even though I came from the ghetto, today I hold no malice, no grudge, no anger, no rage but great positivity and a vision of peace, prosperity, strong standing and wellbeing, not just for me but for my nation and the world at large.

I just want to say blessed uprising and blessed love. May God be our guide. One love. Pure Grenada.

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