Turning Trash Into Treasure

Dr the Right Honourable Keith C Mitchell, Prime Minister

Grenada’s Prime Minister, Dr the Rt Hon. Keith Mitchell says the Waste-to-Energy Technology Expo and Conference, held at the Trade Center in St George, is a revolutionary initiative that ought to change the way we see waste.

“We all know that energy plays the role it plays in the development of our country. Every aspect of our lives, energy impacts on it,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister was addressing delegates and officials at the opening of the first waste conversion event of that magnitude to be ever held in the Caribbean.

Dr Mitchell, who is also the Prime Minister responsible for science and technology in the region, stressed that Caribbean countries should not allow the drop in global oil prices to prevent them from seeing the importance of alternative forms of energy.

“The question of energy and the use of it is not just about cost, but also about our environment and our society,” Prime Minister Mitchell said.

Immediately following the official opening, the Prime Minister was directed to annex where he briefly interacted with the various waste-to-energy exhibitors and declared the Technology Expo open.


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