Congratulations to Young West Indies

Dr the Right Honourable Keith C Mitchell, Prime Minister

Statement by Prime Minister of Grenada, Dr the Rt Hon. Keith Mitchell


It is with great joy that I join the rest of the Caribbean in congratulating the Young West Indies team for winning the 2016 Cricket World Cup, following their victory by five wickets over India today.

The team played with determination, spirit and flair throughout the tournament, overcoming everything that was thrown at them to become the Champions that they are.

With their continued dedication and hard work and with the proper support, these young men could indeed become the next international stars of the game.

Their victory is a nod to the West Indian excellence of the past, and an acknowledgment of the huge potential the future offers.

As Prime Minister of Grenada, I look forward to welcoming home Ryan John and Emmanuel Stewart — Grenadian nationals who were part of this victorious team.

Our West Indian nation today stands proud of the entire team and its management.


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