Fatal Voyage from Levera

Police have confirmed that a speedboat with a number of people heading to Carriacou for the Carnival celebrations, capsized on Sunday evening.

By midday on Monday, a spokesperson from the Community Relations Department said that Police are unable to confirm the number of persons who were on the small vessel, but at present 5 are accounted for alive, and 1 is dead — a 14-year-old young lady.

There are reports that 12 people were aboard the boat making the 20-mile journey from Levera Beach in the northern parish of St Patrick. Police said that the incident happened near Sugar Loaf — a small island just 1,000 ft from the beach from where the boat departed.

It is a normal practice for people to use speedboats to visit the Grenadine island of Carriacou which is part of the tri-island State of Grenada. Carriacou is presently observing its 2016 Carnival celebrations.

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