NDYM Calls For The Immediate Release of The Toxicology Report

The National Democratic Youth Movement, the Youth Arm of the NDC, is calling on the Ministry of Health to make available the details of the toxicology report on the Bonair Government School to the Managers, Union, and key stakeholders.

On Monday, 15 February 2016, two senior members of The NDYM, conducted a visit to the School in St Mark, after a photo surfaced on social media of school children receiving classroom education in what is now known as “Vicks Dancehall.”


According to both members, NDYM Chairman Mr Ian Thomas, and NDC Deputy PRO Mr Ron Redhead, officials said that the school was completed last year and in fact, was re-opened for a day. However the students and teachers began complaining of various illnesses ranging from nosebleeds to headaches, and this necessitated that the school premises be vacated.

Upon the school’s own probe, they discovered that an unknown chemical was sprayed onto the roof, sparking the need at that time for a toxicology investigation, which is yet to be released by the Ministry of Health since last year. It is this report from, all indications, that is preventing the management of the Bonair Government School from re-occupying the finished school, said the gentlemen.

The members acknowledged the role of Grenada Union of Teachers in working to find a solution for its members, since none of the staff at the Bonair Government School ever bargained for that type of situation, and expressed the urgent need for it to be rectified in the quickest possible fashion so that the students and teachers can return to a healthy environment more suited for their educational needs and the proper execution of their duties.


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