Non-Profit Library Goes Digital

Mt Zion Library celebrates 3 major achievements. Mt Zion Library & Resource Centre Inc. is now an officially registered non-profit organisation, right here in Grenada. The focus of the library is to offer efficient services to all its members and meeting the literacy needs of the community. It is, therefore, important that these services are provided legally and professionally. Plans are in place to change the name of the library to ‘Grenada Community Library’ in the coming months. The new name will foster a greater sense of teamwork and solidarity amongst Grenadians. 

Steps have been taken in the last 2 months to offer more efficient services to the public. Mt Zion Library now uses a small, computerised-lending program, which was specially designed to help track books loaned to members, and books returned by members, amongst other features. In addition, the general library’s collection is now fully accessible online! An online web application, LibraryThing, is used to catalogue the books, and is a user-friendly system that is searchable by persons from anywhere, anytime.

The library began cataloguing its collection upon inception in 2013 using LibraryThing, which at the time had no lending feature, and this led to the Grenadian design and creation of a lending program just for Mt Zion Library. As a result, an online viewer cannot see which books are in or out, and so it is advised that persons call or email ahead to check the status or reserve books. Taking this into consideration, the library is currently the only public library making literature accessible in the capital of St George’s, to everyone — the only library with a digital system that anyone can search or browse at any time and from anywhere! Mt Zion Library and Resource Centre Inc. is on a continuous path to keeping abreast with current book trends and reader preferences, as it aims to build a community of readers. Mt Zion Library — soon to be called the Grenada Community Library — is here to stay!

Mt Zion Library and Resource Centre

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