Opportunities For Nurses

Minister Nickolas Steele

Grenadian nurses could gain employment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in the next 2 months.

That is according to Health Minister Hon. Nickolas Steele regarding his recent trip to Dubai.

He said that after discussing with his counterpart in the United Arab Emirates, both parties strategized a way forward, which includes the reorganization of Grenada’s qualification.

“We have come to an agreement on the way forward for Grenadian Nurses being able to seek employment in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. The way forward is as follows — we are to provide them with our syllabus that was taught at TAMCC and the new syllabus that is being taught at SGU which is the bachelor’s degree,” Minister Steele said.

“We will facilitate with the Ministry of Health provisions of qualifications from the UAE, and Grenada will have to accept qualifications of UAE trainers. I do not think though that we would have an issue of Emirates wanting to come here to seek employment, but what is being agreed upon is that this will be reciprocal,” Minister Steele said.


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