Pregnant Women are Priority

Pregnant women, especially those in the first trimester, as well as mothers to be, will get priority treatment once testing begins to determine if they are infected with the Zika virus.

Health Minister Hon. Nickolas Steele says a representative from the Paris-based Women and Health Alliance International and an official from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are in Grenada to assist the country in those efforts.

“We will start with pregnant women first off, and anyone who may show symptoms of Zika, but what needs to be recognized is that 4 out of every 5 people that would get Zika would not show any symptoms. So we want to make sure that we protect first off pregnant women, mothers to be” Minister Steele said.

During the weekly post-cabinet briefing on Wednesday, Minister Steele continued to appeal for diligence and proactive measures.

“The WHO has said that this regardless of any efforts made by governments and health systems in the region, that it will spread through the region,” the Health Minister added.

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