Remarks to Girl Guides by Governor General

Remarks to Girl Guides
Dame Cécile La Grenade, Governor-General

Founders Day – World Thinking Day
21 February 2016


Guide and Scout Commissioners


Guides and scouts

“Guide and Scout Commissioners, leaders, Guides and Scouts, Girl Guides, Brownies, Boys Scouts and Cubs, I bring you greetings as you join with 10,000,000 members of the Girl Guide and scouting movement around the word who are celebrating Founders Day and World Thinking Day. I am happy that the tradition of celebrating World Thinking Day has been kept alive in our country.

On Thinking Day we reflect on the vision of the founder Lord Baden Powel. He realized the importance and value to society of bringing young people together, moulding their minds and attitudes, imparting to them knowledge and skills, and providing them with the opportunities that Guiding and Scouting offer.

The theme for this year’s celebration is one simple word — CONNECT.

We live in an interconnected world. We connect, interact, communicate and engage with one another during the course of our daily lives. If this is done in a positive way, connecting will not only benefit ourselves, but also our community as a whole.

In Lord Baden Powell’s last message to Scouters and Guiders, in describing the purpose of Scouting and Guiding he wrote, “Its aim is to produce healthy, happy, helpful citizens, both male and female, in order to eradicate self-interest and to promote a broader spirit of service and self-sacrifice, for the benefit of humanity.” He saw this as fostering goodwill and cooperation within and between countries.

Guide and scout Leaders, you have a responsibility to CONNECT and make Guiding and Scouting stronger in our country.

For each letter of the word CONNECT we can find words that embody the true meaning and purpose of Guiding and Scouting and which fulfil Lord Baden Powell’s vision for the movement.

C – Commitment: How committed are we to helping others? Or how committed are we to our own personal development? Do we see the importance of reaching out to someone in need by providing assistance and imparting some of the skills and training acquired in the guiding and scouting movement? Do we endeavour to perform to the best of our ability so that we can excel and be role models for others? Commit to making a difference today. This will make you content, happy and confident.

O – Organize: Organize and plan activities that would benefit our neighbours, our schools or our communities. By doing so we explore new relationships and friendships which lead to happiness.

N – Networking: Leaders unite, communicate and coordinate. Form networks to bolster and support our units and build bonds of friendship both locally and overseas. Build bridges between our growing Guide and Scout Movements.

N – Nature: Are we conscious of the importance of preserving our natural environment? Are we aware of the value of the plants that grow in our rich soil? Get to know your community and engage in activities that would enhance our environment and wellbeing. Discourage destructive activities that destroy our environment. Nurture and protect our environment.

E – Encourage: Are we compassionate and caring and supportive of others? Many issues affect boys and girls. Giving good advice and encouragement enables us to connect with and to be role models to others. Encourage someone to join guides or scouts so that they too can benefit from the movement.

C – Change: Do we examine our behaviour and commit to change in areas where we fall short with regard to our benefit and the benefit of the community? Try to connect with our communities and to identify areas that need to be addressed and changed. This would make our homeland and the world a better place.

T – Teamwork: Many scientific discoveries and new inventions have come about as a result of team work. Guiding provides the opportunity to engage in friendly, competitive activities. Share ideas with your peers and speak out on issues that affect or matter to us.

You are indeed fortunate to be a part of this worldwide movement. The impact of Guiding and Scouting on girls and boys around the world has been tremendous. Involvement in the movement is not only fun, but it also enhances young lives in positive and meaningful ways. Guiding and Scouting teach many skills, impart knowledge about and increase awareness of nature and the world around us. The movements assist in helping to find your passion and in choosing your career paths. They demonstrate the power of team work and teach also how to enjoy life.

As you celebrate World Thinking Day, be inspired by the history and impact of this important global movement. Strive to CONNECT with each other. Aim at achieving the objectives of Lord Baden Powel and become better people, thereby creating a better society and world.

Guides, Rangers, Brownies, Rainbows, Cubs and Scouts – Happy World Thinking and Founder’s Day!

Office of the Governor-General

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