Safe Use of Internet Encouraged by Police

The RGPF is urging persons to practice safe and legal behaviors while communicating on the Internet and World Wide Web using desktops, portable and handheld devices.

With the multitude of social networking sites on the Internet, now a big part of the way we socialize, persons must be cognizant that they could also be used to exploit children and adults in a sexual way.

What we are finding is that persons are using online social networking sites and devices such as mobile phones, to engage in “sexting”, sexually explicit chats, sending provocative or sexual photographs, messages or videos, in some cases to persons they’ve never met and/or complete strangers, only to find their material being shared online.

The RGPF is advising persons to refrain from such behaviors or practices, as such acts can result in a lifetime of negative consequences. It can also result in criminal consequences.

Parents are also urged to monitor and supervise their children’s Internet activities to ensure their safety.


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