Secret Habour Announces Major Upgrade

More jobs are on the horizon for Grenadians with plans in the pipeline for a major upgrade of the Secret Harbour Marina.

The Secret Harbour Marina upgrade is being carried out by Georges Cohen, the investor behind the high-end Calivigny Island development.

The plans include the creation of a French Bakery, a venue to host private events, and a new laundry targeting cruisers and students of St George’s University. The bakery, using products imported directly from France, will sell French breads, croissants, pain au chocolat, and cakes.

“We are thrilled that Mr Cohen has decided to upgrade the facilities at Secret Harbour. So far the Calivigny Island project has brought a lot of attention to Grenada in the high-end market,” said Alexandra Otway, Minister for Implementation and Parliamentary Representative for South St George.

“Calivigny is a unique and special place, popular with the wealthy discerning visitors such as American singer Justin Bieber, who came recently for a week to celebrate his 21st birthday.”

The restoration of the Secret Harbour Marina also includes the creation of a new radio station: Secret Radio 92.7 FM.

“We want to thank Mr Cohen as he continues to assist Grenada by investing further and helping to bring positive attention to our destination”, the Minister emphasised.


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