Government Consultations on Camerhogne Park

Camerhogne Park

Proposals for the development of the Riviera Hotel and Camerhogne Park are being presented to various interest groups across Grenada.

During an interview on Tuesday, 1 March to commemorate his administration’s 3rd year in office, Prime Minister Dr Rt Hon. Keith Mitchell said investors have already held separate discussions with the social partners and churches, and there are others to come.

The Government maintains it has made no decision on upgrading or changing the location of Camerhogne Park.

“They are going to be holding one on the 13th of March with the business community; that presentation will be done, and the trade union will be on the cards”, Prime Minister Mitchell said.

Dr Mitchell gave the assurance that they have been going around the country listening to the people, since what is to be done must be in their best interest.

“We have been going around the country listening to people, and at all my forums I have raised this issue to see what the people’s response will be. After that, we will make the decision and that decision will be what I consider best for the country,” Dr Mitchell added.


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