Pure Grenada Music Festival Countdown

by Rose Bhagwan

We have been hearing about the 2016 Pure Grenada Music Festival since 2015, and now we see it quickly approaching with only 21 days remaining. This event, first of its kind in Grenada, is scheduled for Tuesday, 5 April to Sunday, 10 April 2016, and aimed at developing the musical talent in Grenada and providing a platform of exposure for our local musicians.

spice rock
Spice Rock

The non-profit organization that supports the Pure Grenada Music Festival, “Music and Beyond,” seeks to aid in locals realizing their full potential and actualizing their dreams in the musical industry. Some of the local performers include Rootsman Kelly, Mr Killa, Sabrina Francis, A#keem and Nature Claim, Spice Rock, and The Phoenix. International entertainers such as Zarah McFarlene, Steel Pulse, The British Collective and Madison Violet will also be performing at Pure Grenada Music Festival.

A#keem and Nature Claim

The 6-day festival will be hosted in different parts of Grenada. The Main Stage will be at the “Festival Village” at Port Louis, which can accommodate approximately 5,000 persons.

The Carenage is yet another venue for the concert, and performers will be on a floating stage in the middle of St George’s inner harbour. Paid viewers will be ushered to a platform attached to the stage, while other viewers can look on from the harbour’s edge.

The Calivigny Island show is noted as an “intimate affair of no more than 300 people.” Another aspect of the Music Festival will be their “Mobile Stage” which would be taken to Grenville and Gouyave. These free concerts will spread the talent throughout Grenada and afford everyone the chance to get a taste of the Pure Grenada Music Festival.

mobile stage
Mobile Stage

All profits gained through the Pure Grenada Music Festival will be donated to Music and Beyond. Their intention is to assist the musical enhancement of Grenada and promote the environment.

The members of the Steering Committee are expected to blend together this Music Festival with tourism. Some of these members include Jana Canigan, Dieter Burkhalter, Chrislyn Lashington and Mike Quinn.

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