Recycling for a Greener ‘Greenz’

You have probably noticed the talk of going green and climate change is everywhere — the news, fashion, technology and even in the health industry.

At the beginning of February 2016, St Augustine’s Medical Services implemented an internal recycling programme to collect the large number of water bottles the hospital uses. SAMS has partnered with Le Phare Bleu Marina, which has its own recycling centre, to collect and store the plastic bottles which are then shipped to a recycling plant.

Allyson Amechi, Administrative Director, encouraged the public to be cognizant of how our actions affect our environment. “With the reality of globalisation, the world has become a lot smaller, so we are all affected by pollution and the consequences of industrialisation. Every object has an environmental impact. At the hospital, we use a significant amount of bottled and purified water, as these play an essential part in patient care and recovery. By taking this small step in reducing and recycling the empty bottles, we will lessen the chances of them polluting our environment” she stated.

“It isn’t just this generation that will have to deal with these “green” and climate change issues. We can all play our part and start with simple, easy steps, to begin making a positive impact on our environment, which ultimately affects our health” she continued.

St Augustine’s Medical Services remains committed to, and encourages its patients to lead healthy lifestyles by eating the right foods, having a regular exercise regime and by ensuring that our environment is sanitary and remains free of contaminants.

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