Regional CARIBWAVE Exercise

Grenada is joining the rest of the region on Thursday, 16 March for the staging of the 2016 “Cave Wave Exercise.”

The one-day simulation exercise is being used to test the region’s preparedness to deal with Tsunamis.

Recent Tsunamis in the Indian Ocean in 2004, Samoa in 2009, Chile in 2010, 2014 and 2015 and Japan in 2011 which killed thousands, drives home the importance of proper planning for Tsunami response.

Thursday’s simulation exercise is in response to a hypothetical magnitude 8.4 earthquake in Venezuela and 8.7 magnitude earthquake in Northern Hispaniola.

The simulated earthquakes is affecting the Southern part of the country from Woburn up to the National Athletic, Football and Cricket Stadiums in St George’s.

Schools, businesses, entities and people living along the sea coast are being informed about the exercise; and it is the hope of NADMA that this is used to educate their staff and customers about the appropriate response to Tsunamis.

Some entities are participating in the exercise.


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