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This past weekend was the annual Arnold Sports Festival event in Columbus, Ohio, USA — one of the biggest bodybuilding competitions in the world bringing the best bodybuilders from across the globe.

Grenada’s Hafid James

Grenada’s Hafid James won his class in the Men’s Physique division, the largest of the physique class, beating out 42 other athletes. Grenada is now the highest- placing and first Caribbean island to win the Ohio Arnold classic.

“Still seems unreal — really hasn’t hit me. This was a tough prep, mentally. I knew this was a big event and if you go looking average you fall to the wayside, so I told myself I was going to be the best-conditioned athlete on stage with the best posing. They may not know who I am, but they will be forced to notice me!”

When asked about his feelings on winning such a big competition, he said, “It was great — I love winning. No, but honestly hearing my name meant a lot… the thought of them calling 1st place from Grenada with my flag in hand, got me through the tough parts of prep.”

“This win was for me, Grenada and the Caribbean. Yes, it’s harder for us to get noticed sometimes, but we should use it to make us better. Never settle for being great, if you know you can be greater!”

“I would love for people to use this win to show it doesn’t matter where you’re from. If you put in the work and make the sacrifices, anything is possible. I am hoping to make a trip down to Grenada to help teach people about the truth of bodybuilding, as there are a lot of negative and wrong stereotypes; as well as just being a healthier fitter version of you.”

hafid james

Hafid James has earned Grenada the 1st place at CAC, and now at the Arnolds — the biggest amateur bodybuilding competition in the world.

“Shoutout to my coach Carmichael of Body on Fire, best coach in the Caribbean. Also to Cecil Mitchell of Fit for Life Health Club who has been pushing the sport, Damion Daniel, and everyone that’s supported me thus far!”

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