GTA Promoting Grenada in Trinidad

by Linda Straker

A delegation from the Grenada Tourism Authority, the Cultural Foundation and the Spicemas Corporation is expected to be in Trinidad this week, where they will be engaging in destination promotion scheduled for 28 to 30 April 2016.

The activities will include meeting with travel agents, the media, and a consumer show. Besides engaging in activities at the Hyatt Hotel, the group will also travel to San Fernando, where they will meet with travel agents in an exposition.

The consumer show scheduled for Saturday, 30 April, will be held at MovieTowne in Trinidad, from 1 to 6 pm. Trinidad is Grenada’s largest Caricom market, and over the years, it has become traditional for the GTA along with other tourism stakeholders to engage in direct promotional activities in that market.

In a recent news conference, CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Mr Rudy Grant, explained that the promotion done there is not just for carnival activities, but to lure Trinidadian visitors to Grenada through the year.

“But, you must admit that the carnival period is when you will be seeing the largest amount of visitors coming to the island, so I believe that the ongoing promotions have and will continue,” he said.

Grenada’s carnival will conclude the second Monday and Tuesday in August, but the lead up to it is expected to be filled with activities. Spicemas 2016 was officially launched on 2 April, but major activities will commence from June with preliminary competitions, especially the calypso and soca components.

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