Litter in Abundance

Grenada Green Group (G3)

A walk around Grand Anse recently — what are we doing? In the last two weeks, we’ve visited the Police and asked them to enforce the ‘new’ Abatement of Litter Act# 24 of 2015 (seems they had not even been told about it).

13116170_588489821300394_1799289014838995699_oWe’ve written to the Minister for the Environment (again) to ask him to appoint plenty of wardens. We’re trying to put pictures like these in the press, but it seems we’re constantly upstaged by current events.



We are talking to sponsors of events, asking them to make our ‘litter protocol’ a condition of sponsorship. Only one sponsor has refused so far.

Litter Protocol:

  1. Never to drop litter
  2. To challenge anyone you see dropping litter
  3. To do all in your power to spread the anti-litter message: in your workplace, at your child’s school, at sports meets, at public performances: anywhere you have influence
  4. Ask vendors what disposal arrangements they have made
  5. Ask MCs at events to make announcements about location and use of litter bins and bags
  6. Bring a bag to the supermarket; if you must use their bags, tell packers to use as few as possible.



We continue to make the anti-litter case on Dr Marryshow’s “Your Health and You” programme on the first Wednesday of every month. If you want minutes of our meetings, or better yet, if you want to join the Grenada Green Group (G3), write to

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