Part-time Opportunity for Unemployed Nurses and Nursing Assistants

Minister Nickolas Steele

by Rose Bhagwan

Within a few weeks, we can expect to see the unemployed nurses and nursing assistance engaged in meaningful employment. According to Hon Nickolas Steele, the government is taking steps toward this, and it will be through a local service provider whom they have not yet named.

In the post-cabinet meeting held on Tuesday, 19 April 2016, Minister Steele pointed out that there are 57 registered nurses and 51 nursing assistants who are unemployed. By working with the service provider, these persons will receive an income as well as experience. He highlighted that to gain employment in the Government system or anywhere else for that matter, they need to have experience. As such, this opportunity will allow for supervised experience in various health facilities.

These nurses and nursing assistants will be working part-time for at least 3 days a week, and would be called upon wherever the Ministry of Health needs them. Minister Steele said that prior to this decision, there was a meeting held with the nurses and nursing assistants so that they can voice their opinions. According to him, that was how the solution came about, to which they agreed.

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