St Mark’s Festival

“Harnessing the Resources of St Mark to Realise its Full Potential”

The St. Mark’s Development Committee rebranded as the St. Mark’s Organisation for Development (SMOD), is a non-profit community-based organization that has been transforming St. Mark into a productive and progressive parish for twenty-nine years, announces its 2016 St Mark’s Celebration.


Date Activity Location and Time
Friday, 1 April – Friday, 29 April 2016 SMOD Logo
Inter-school Literary Competition:
Poetry, Story writing and Jingle Making
Saturday, 9  April Parish Cleanup Day
Rise & Dine: Breakfast Sale
Junction of Queen & Diamond Street
Sunday,  10 April Parish Cleanup Day
Health Walk
Samaritan to Victoria at 3 pm
Monday, 11 April Cricket and Football Preliminaries Victoria Hard-court, Non Pariel Playing
Maran Pasture, Samaritan Pasture
Saturday, 16 April Health Fair Victoria Hotel & Medical Station at 9 am
Sunday, 17 April Thanksgiving Service Samaritan Presbyterian Church at 11 am
Saturday, 23  April Hike to Mt St Catherine and/or the Waterfalls Start Point: Heroes Square at 4 am
Sunday, 24 April Opening Ceremony & Gospel Explosion Heroes Square at 5 pm
Monday, 25 April Jeopardy: St Mark’s Edition St Mark’s Secondary School at 3 pm
Tuesday, 26 April Cricket & Football Finals Victoria Hard-court and
Alston George Park
Wednesday, 27 April Health Forum Heroes Square at 7 pm
Thursday, 28 April  “In yuh Yard”

  • Bonfire
  • Fish Cooking Competition
  • St Mark’s Got Talent
Alston George Park at 7 pm
Friday, 29 April Festival Fete: Reservoir Jam Warm-up Vick’s Complex at 9 pm
Saturday, 30 April
  • Food Fest
  • Farmer’s Market & Local Craft Exhibition
  • Cultural Xplosion
Haddon-Smith Street at 6 pm
Henry Street
Diamond Street
Sunday, 30 May Reservoir Jam
Street Fiesta
Tufton Hall at 5am
Diamond Street at 6 pm
Saturday, 14 May Overdose: The Night Cruise Carenage – Boarding time 7 pm SHARP


SMOD was founded in 1987 by Denneth Modeste, Anthony Argar Alexander, Samuel Britton and Franklyn Marshall. Today the organization is led by an accomplished duo, Dr Julie DuBois (405-6111) and Mr Raymond Baptiste (417-2382 or 405-4284).

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