GrenAIDS Workshop for Special Education Schools

GrenAIDS is hosting a 2-part workshop which started on Saturday, 30 April at the Grenada Youth Center Conference Room. This workshop is aimed at training 12 facilitators for an upcoming sexual and reproductive health psycho-educational session within the 3 special education schools (Limes, Victoria and Grenville).

12 young males and females were selected to be trained as trainers for the project, based on their past experience, education and interest. One teacher from each school will be part of the training, and a background check was conducted on each person before accepting him or her into the training. (12 young trainers and 3 teachers). The sessions will be spread out over 10 weeks with one 45-minute session per week.

This project endeavours to reach differently-abled students in providing sexual and reproductive health education to 72 students, ages 10 and above. This would be accomplished through games, discussion, drama and singing presented by facilitators who have completed the trainer of trainers course on sexual and reproductive health education. Students will be encouraged to take the information home.

GrenAIDS aims to create effective and innovative activities to strengthen the AIDS response in Grenada.

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