Male Medical Ward back to original location

General Hospital, St George’s, Grenada

The public is hereby notified that as of Friday, 27 May 2016, the Male Medical Ward which was relocated to the auxiliary building (Grenada Nursing School and Physiotherapy Department) has been returned to its original location — the 2nd floor of the General Hospital.

This latest relocation of the ward is in keeping with Government’s promise to restore the facility, upgrade and improve the delivery of care at the General Hospital as part of the second phase.

The ward was displaced in 2012, while at the same time the hospital second phase was abandoned. The relocation of the wards resulted in several operational challenges and cost overrun, forcing Government to find creative ways to curb the problems.

Senior Managers at the General Hospital have since commended Government’s efforts to find a permanent solution to the old problem which they hailed as a positive move that will benefit both patients and staff.

The relocation of the Male Medical Ward to its original and rightful place comes less than a week after the recommissioning of the Obstetrics–Gynecology ward.

The restoration of the OBGYN ward and relocation of the Male Medical Ward is part of the ongoing second phase of the Venezuelan funded General Hospital project which is nearing completion. The Ministry of Health regrets any inconvenience this may cause, and reassures that the move will have better health and operational outcomes.


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