Nursing Assistants Interested in Government Job Offer


A group of 20 trained nursing assistants who met with 3 top Government/Health officials on Friday expressed interest in a Government job offer.

The nursing assistants, who are unemployed, met with a team of senior public service and health officials on Friday afternoon to discuss the contractual employment as proposed by the Ministry of Health/Government of Grenada.

Following the meeting on Friday at the Ministry of Works conference, Chief Nursing Officer Nester Edwards told the Government Information Service, that the meeting was cordial and very successful, with the participants expressing their interest to commence employment soon.

She said the meeting was called to update and inform the nursing assistants about the stage of the proposed hiring and its terms of reference, the role of the employing agency GRENCASE, the Ministry of Health.

Edwards, who also heads the Regional Nursing Body, added that the nursing assistants were given the opportunity to propose their preferred place of employment.

“We allowed them to propose that to us because we prefer that they work close to where they live to avoid them having to incur too many expenses as it relates to transportation and so on”, explained the island’s CNO.

“We let them know the terms and conditions of their employment, which are 3 days per week, their salary, and that they would be a day set aside for training, since they were off the job for some time.

All parties are hoping to formally commence the process by 1 June 2016.


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