Thank You from the Pure Grenada Music Festival

Since April 2015, Grenada has waited with bated breath for this “first of its kind one of a kind event” as dubbed during the year of waiting. The week of 5 April has come and gone to overwhelmingly positive feedback about the first and lasting positive impression this event has created in Grenada, the region and the rest of the world.

Indeed, as a first time event, the team is pleased to confirm that several of the event’s key objectives have been met. Among these are the showcasing of Grenadian musicians at an international standard; adding value to destination Grenada with a quality product; the positioning of ecological awareness — our environmental footprint — within a cultural and entertainment space; fostering collaboration and ownership — critical to the long-term success of the festival — across a vast range of stakeholders.

Acknowledgement and appreciation are due to many, for the numerous and significant contributions made to the first Pure Grenada Music Festival. Such was the outpouring of support which continues even post-event, that while names cannot be cited individually, gratitude must be expressed to the following:

The Steering Committee of the Pure Grenada Music Festival who generously gave of their time and wisdom; the Government of Grenada for the unwavering support and courtesies graciously extended through numerous Ministries during planning and execution of the event; family, friends and founders for believing in the dream and committing to making it a reality through contribution of “seed funding”; sponsors whose financial support ensured the delivery of an international event of exceptional calibre; suppliers and service providers for the active demonstration of confidence in the Pure Grenada Music Festival through continued partnerships and increased support; volunteers for their tireless enthusiasm and big hearts; and finally, artistes for active engagement in lead up to the festival and flawless performances during; all media entities and individuals for spreading the word; patrons for participating the experience and your subsequent suggestions for improving.

The Pure Grenada Music Festival thanks all for sharing the vision, the journey and especially the outpouring of wonderful encouragement to pursue the dream of creating opportunities for the phenomenal musicians of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.


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