Clean up in the South of the Island

On Saturday, 25 June, there will be a Constituency-wide cleanup in South St George, spearheaded by the parliamentary representative, Hon. Alexandra Otway–Noel. Following this undertaking, decorative shrubs will be planted to upgrade the appearance of the entire area.

It was under Minister Otway-Noel’s watch as Minister of Tourism that the ‘Pure Grenada’ brand was introduced. She is understandably keen that her constituency, which includes the airport, the ‘hotel belt’ and the roads that link them, should embrace and exemplify this ‘Pure Grenada’ concept. The initiative is also timely, as it will clear drains of the discarded food and drink containers favoured as breeding sites by the aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are responsible for spreading dengue, chikungunya and zika.

For the purpose of the cleanup, the constituency will be zoned into divisions as at general elections, namely:

  1. Paddock to Grand Anse Post Office
  2. Grand Anse Post Office to Sugar Mill Roundabout
  3. Sugar Mill to MBIA
  4. The Food Fair to Mont Tout
  5. True Blue
  6. Sugar Mill to Clarkes Court Bay junction
  7. Woburn to the ‘Tyre’ roundabout
  8. Top Woburn
  9. Woodlands
  10. L’anse aux Épines

Local businesses and constituents are asked to turn out in their numbers to support this worthwhile endeavour, which will commence at 6:30 am. Local businesses are being approached to aid with the supply garbage bags, gloves, drinks and other refreshments, and/or a cash contribution. Any surplus will be retained by the Grenada Green Group for use with future cleanups.

Please join us on 25 June to show your pride in your country and to make this a successful event.

Ministry of Implementation

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