Government Departments, Including Education, Meet With the Grenada Union of Teachers

Ministry of Education

In an effort to resolve a number of crucial issues which impact Grenada’s teachers, a meeting was held between the Office of the Secretary to Cabinet, the Department of Public Administration, the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development and representatives of the Grenada Union of Teachers on Tuesday, 14 June.

A number of priority matters were discussed, including the way forward on the regularization of the following categories of workers:

  1. Temporary Teachers
  2. Physical Education Teachers
  3. School Attendance Officers and
  4. Guidance and Counseling Officers

All parties present at the meeting committed to meeting again on Thursday, 30 June 2016, to continue the discussions. The Government of Grenada looks forward to continued fruitful discussions with all stakeholders, in crafting the way forward and bringing about speedy resolution to matters which affect our nation’s educators.


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