Grenada Introduces Investment Opportunities to Europe

Minister Otway-Noel

Grenada’s Implementation Minister Honourable Alexandra Otway is back on the island after a brief swing through Europe promoting the country’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme.

Minister Otway has been on a tri-city tour introducing entrepreneurs, commercial experts, and international businesspersons to the Caribbean’s ‘Isle of Spice.’

The Minister was the guest of honour in a series of events organised in London, Zurich, and Geneva — three cities that were strategically chosen due to their prominence in the investment market, and for their fame as Europe’s financial capitals.

“It is a true pleasure to be able to promote our Citizenship by Investment Programme around the world,” the Minister declared.

“Our nation is the ideal place to live, work, set up a business, study, or simply experience our natural environment”.

Grenada saw a 19% increase in tourist arrivals in 2014, and a further 13% increase in 2015.

Even more growth is expected in 2016, as new direct flight to mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Americas draw visitors to Grenada’s shores.

“Pure Grenada,’ as we like to call our beautifully untouched nation, can seduce an audience in a matter of moments,” said Minister Otway.

“I have no doubt that it will do just that in Europe.”


Minister Otway was also the keynote speaker at this year’s Citizenship by Investment & International Residence Summit Europe where she focused on the Grenada Programme and its exclusive business and lifestyle opportunities.

The real estate and construction markets are also on the rise, powered by a growing demand for short-term rental, as well as by the support of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme.

Under the Programme, applicants for citizenship may invest in pre-approved real estate project, or contribute to the country’s National Transformation Fund.

This tri-city trip across Europe was organised by CS Global Partners Headquartered in London and with ten offices worldwide.

“CS Global Partners has been working with the Government of Grenada to promote foreign direct investment in the nation, as well as its CBI Programme,” said Micha–Rose Emmett, Group Managing Director of CS Global Partners.

“We expect very high levels of interest towards this dynamic nation, especially as its investment-friendly environment is made known across Europe”.


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