Media Week 2016

Media workers at Beaulieu RC Church

by Linda Straker

“Reflecting on our Profession: looking to progress through critical thinking” is the theme for the 2016 annual Media Week which began on Sunday 12 June with a church service at the Beaulieau RC Church, and will conclude on Sunday 19 June with a fun day in Victoria.

There have been a number of activities during the week organised by the Media Workers Association of Grenada, including the presentation of a hamper to a charitable organisations, as well as workshop sessions with two institutions. The first workshop session was held on Monday, 13 June with the Police, and focused on covering crime stories and crime scenes.

Blindfolded media workers attempt to navigate their surroundings
Blindfolded media workers attempt to navigate their surroundings

The second workshop was a special session with the School for the Deaf. June is being observed as deaf awareness month. Other activities during the week include discussions at various media houses centered around the theme involving media workers.

Media week is an annual week of activities in which media workers highlight the challenges of the profession, current trends affecting the profession, and at the same time offer solutions to problems identified by practioneers in the field.

Grenada has a wide cross section of media houses providing daily, weekly and or monthly news and entertainment to readers and audience.  Media houses in Grenada are primarily private sector owned and operated.

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