Minister for Foreign Affairs convenes Meeting with Fishermen

Recent incidents at sea where fishermen were robbed and threatened were discussed at two urgently convened meetings on 16–17 June 2016. The meetings, which were held at the Gouyave and Melville Street fish markets, were well attended by fishermen and people involved in the industry.

The meetings were facilitated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Dr Clarice Modeste–Curwen, and Hon. Roland Bhola, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, together with senior officials from the Fisheries Division and Ministry of Foreign affairs. The Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Grenada, Mr. Jorge Guerrero Veloz and staff from the embassy also attended.

The aim of the meeting was to get from the fishermen pertinent information in relation to a reported series of incidents, in which they had been accosted and robbed, while engaged in their livelihood in waters off Grenada.

The two Ministers stressed Government’s commitment to addressing the concerns of the fishermen, as the marine environment is of great benefit to our economy, and holds tremendous potential for our economic growth.

The fishermen welcomed the commitment by Government in facilitating the discussions, and their response to act in a purposeful and innovative manner.

Venezuela’s Ambassador, in addressing the meetings, stressed the need for collaboration and cooperation between the two nations as being critical to successfully addressing this challenge.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has requested urgent talks with her counterpart in Venezuela to hold further discussions aimed at resolving the situation diplomatically.


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